Our seasonal selection of homemade pickles, preserves and ferments

(And yes, we ship [inter] nationally and make gift boxes.)

Passionate picklers! Ferocious fermenters! Curious chutney shakers! We started preserving, fermenting and chutney making in 2009 to pass the time when knees needed to heal after accidents and surgery. We loved it and the journey continues to this day.

Our preserves are seasonal, use local produce, are handmade in a professional kitchen in small batches, following old traditions, based on recipes we develop, and are made with carefully sourced spices. All our preserves are vegan and we work with companies that respect nature. Check back regularly to explore our newest products and our seasonal specials. 

We ship in quantities of 3 with a maximum of 12 jars. For all orders, including for larger orders, professional prices, custom developed pickles, ferments, fruit & vegetable leathers and preserves and for bespoke gift boxes for companies: please contact us with your wishes and we will arrange it for you!

Piccalilly Circus

The original starter of our pickling adventures. Crunchy cauliflower, cucumber, onions and beans pickled in a deep yellow sauce with top quality spices. Delight in adding this to a sandwich with salad and avocado, on a cauliflower steak, with mashed potatoes, with mashed curly kale and potatoes, with oven roasted potatoes or French fries. Mix it through sauces over Brussels sprouts, through cashew mayonnaise to give it a bit of a kick, with a starchy quiche or pie, with vegetable sausages and plant based burgers. And know that you are not alone in quietly spooning it straight out of the jar to enjoy pure as a hearty snack.  

Allergens: gluten, mustard powder

Jar size: 200 gr

Price (excluding shipping costs): €7,00

Green Jungle

Some call it a bread & butter pickle, we call it Green Jungle. Because ours is a true green jungle of cucumber, bell pepper and onion pickled in a vinegar with fennel seeds and mustard powder. Fabulous in a salad, on a sandwich, with plant based and dairy based cheeses, with marinated tofu, as part of a snacking board: the taste gives that tongue tantalising acidity with the colour sure to provide a visual pop. 

Allergens: mustard powder

Jar size: 200 gr

Price (excluding shipping costs): €8,00