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apéro time with stuffed grapefruit

Versatile fresh noodles

chocolate pear cake

zoodles with palmheart and a great local wine

I am Margo, a plant-based cook trained at Rouxbe (Plant Base Pro certificate) and The Vegan Chef School (Vegan Nutrition Diploma). I am the lucky wife of Harm and Boris-the-golden-retriever completes our posse. I love food, I am a passionate pickler by accident, Vaugineoise by wholehearted choice. Having worked as a project manager for over 20 years for purpose driven organizations, I decided to follow my dream and trained as a plant-based chef with Rouxbe, with generous support provided by Giovanni Franchetti


My journey into serious cooking started when a motorbike accident brought our active lives came to a hold and we felt labor therapy was called for. As cutting vegetables does not need standing on your legs and since we are only 2 (well, 3 including Boris), we needed to find a solution that would require enormous amounts of cutting work. Making piccalilli was the answer!


The first batches we cooked ranged between mildly inedible to simply gross. But it caught our interest. Our imagination. Our passion. On and on we went. Exploring, learning, failing and starting over again.

A dream was born.

A passion was ignited.

And yes! Eventually, out came an edible piccalilli. That picallilli progressed eventually topping the piccalilli taste charts in The Netherlands. We produced over 20.000 jars per year from our home, we sold on markets and delivered to over 40 delicacy groceries. 

The focused interest in preserves and ferments was the feeding ground for a much wider interest in food and the human encounters that sharing food enables. This interest culminated into the journey of becoming a certified plant-based chef. To developing these workshops. To pursuing our dream. Driven by the ambition to allow everybody to engage with sumptuous, seductive and healthy plant-based home cooking. I constantly innovate existing workshops and develop new ones, guided by my passion for cooking:






In season. 

With local produce.

I warmly invite you to come along, and dive into the food and drink delights of Luberon, Provence in the comfort of your home or rental!

 “One of the secrets, and pleasures, of cooking is to learn to correct something if it goes awry; and one of the lessons is to grin and bear it if it cannot be fixed.”

Julia Child

Picnic values


Picnic en Provence workshops are based on my: