Plant-based private chef services: bienvenue chez vous, family & friends!

Brunch in bed with carrot lox

Plant-based cook Margo

privately catered picnic Blue Zones style at the shores of the Durance

Are you looking for an in-house chef, a cook to cater for an intimate soirée or to cook a meal so you can catch up hassle-free with those longtime friends? Are you looking for dishes that are meant for sharing, catered for caring, plated for a picnic? Then Margo of Picnic en Provence is happily your service with:


-       Simple food, well done with robust flavors and textures;

-       Plant-based and vegan;

-       Rooted in local, seasonal produce;

-       Sumptuous dishes that are satisfying and that will leave you feel energised and vibrant.

I love for food and cooking to be convivial, inclusive, and accessible. To gather people around food, to create a memorable moment filled with laughter, enjoyment, great conversation and sharing of lives: that is why I became a cook. And that is why I specialise in French bistro style food, Blue Zones cooking, and Asian (street) food, including the much loved plant-based sushi: food meant for dipping, smearing, sharing, enjoying. As a professionally trained plant-based chef with Rouxbe, gluten free and raw food are also in my cuisine vocabulary. I preferably serve food family style, using big bowls and vintage platters. 

To find out how I can contribute to your happiness, let's first connect via a call so I can find out what it is you are looking for. Are you organising an small dinner party? Are you envisioning a déjeuner sur l’herbe? A family picnic around the swimming pool? Maybe you are looking to transition to plant-based entirely or maybe a one-off experience? What do you love to eat and what do you rather avoid? A 30 minute free call gives us both the chance to connect and explore what it is that you are looking. We can then also experience whether we have that ephemeral click that is so hard to describe, yet so necessary to make any collaboration come alive. Based on this first conversation I will make a proposition tailored to your needs, send you sample menus and a quote so that we can further finetune.

On the day of your private cook experience, you can expect me at your house or venue with all the groceries and necessary preparations 2-3 hours before the planned start. Most of the cooking will take place in your home or venue and yes, I love for you to join in the cooking experience if you're up for it. Feel free the use the opportunity to learn a trick or two to enhance your daily cooking. Of course you are also most welcome to kick back and relax as I serve you and your loved ones. Don’t worry about cleaning up, I’ll take care of that. You just relax and enjoy.

As every experience is made to measure, every experience comes with it's own price tag. As an indication, think between €65,- and € 75,- for a family style experience for between 2-10 people, excluding groceries and wine.

Feel like a plant-based meal chez vous with friends? Let food be the ingredient that binds us. See you soon!

Margo de Groot Coenen

+33 0787060700